Get Your Gordian Knot Cutters Out. The Insurrection Continues. 

Tomorrow is the two year anniversary of the January 6th Insurrection and we all know what that was. Well, scratch that. We still seem to disagree on what that was. My point of view is clear. It was a violent attempt to dismantle the US government by force after all the previous shenanigans failed. As would the ones that would follow it. Until now.

In my view, the current chaos in the US House of Representatives over choosing its Speaker is just an Insurrection continuation. Regardless of which shill is elected to the office it appears to me that until at least the next election one half of a branch of government will effectively rule itself ineffective and to a large degree moot. And that’s the point.

If what we’re reading about the concessions already granted and under consideration to advance the election of a Speaker are close to real then the Insurrectionists will have succeeded using parliamentary procedure in ways they couldn’t by breaking windows and brutalizing cops. That’s certainly easier and less messy and looks more legitimate. But hey, whadda ya know, the folks holding Kevin McCarthy and everyone else hostage are the same bunch that wanted to torch the place. Once an Insurrectionist, always an Insurrectionist.

Don’t get me wrong. Congress, and in this case more specifically the House, is certainly in need of some change. Yeah, that’s an understatement. But this bunch of hostage takers has tied things into such a Gordian Knot that not even Alexander the Great could cut it. Bluntly, I say again, that’s the point. Create enough chaos, gum up the works enough and you don’t have to do anything but raise your voice in outrage to raise dollars. 

Frightening AND fitting that we’re here on the eve of Jan 6.