Catawompusly Chawed Up

Crazy day in American politics yesterday as the goofballs in the GOP House Caucus tried to elect a new Speaker of the House. Waffling weasel Kevin McCarthy failed not once but three times to secure enough votes achieving a bit of ignominy in making the kind of history your mother wouldn’t want you to make.

My favorite thing I ran across while tooting around Mastodon (if you know, you know) during the vote counting was this bit of history from Joanne Freeman.

I don’t know about you but I think our current journalism could be mightily improved if writers started using more phrases like “catawompusly chawed up” to describe the goings on our politicians like to engage in. I’m not advocating violence. We’ve had enough of that. But these idiots are certainly doing violent harm to the little that’s left of our political process.

Rest in Peace Frank Galati

Frank Galati was a gentle sweet soul and one helluva theatre artist. I first came across him after my first move to Chicago in 1979 in the Wisdom Bridge production of Travesties. His performance was a revelation. As was his work on the whole.

One of his many gifts are the legions he influenced, insuring his gifts, like the memories he created, will live on. We were all blessed to experience him.

Curtain Up

This is the third act of Life on The Wicked Stage.

There was a an Act 1 on the long since dead Windows Live Spaces (sorry no links available). There was an Act 2 on TypePad. Both of which seem like a several lifetimes ago. In addition there was some tech geek blogging and gadget reviewing on GottaBeMobile and some writing on various subjects on Medium.

So. Curtain up on Act 3. You don’t find many plays in the three-act form these days, which dates me. But I prefer to think of it has having the benefit of wisdom acquired through age. Or you can just call me old.

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