Amazing Story: His Software Sang the Words of God. Then It Went Silent

Every day is a good day when you learn something new. And this amazing story certainly offers something new to me. 


TropeTrainer was software that had been taught to sing the words of God.

Then it went silent.

A developer created TropeTrainer, software that helped prepare kids for their bar and bat mitzvahs. He passed away. Due to advances on computers his software abruptly stopped running on new or updated computers and much was lost. 

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Most magical was the voice synthesis, which featured an adjustable timbre and a playback speed, Buchler boasted on his website, that could be set “from unbearably slow to comfortably fast.”

In a wink to exasperated Torah tutors, he devised the slogan “Software With Infinite Patience.”

That brief description and excerpts here risk trivializing this story. So, go read the story. 

Author: Warner Crocker

I stumble through life as a theatre director and playwright as well as a gadget geek...commenting along the way. Every day I learn something new is a good day, so I share what I find exciting, new, stupid and often worthwhile.

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