Let’s Get This Show on the Road


I was first offered the opportunity to direct James Graham’s play, Ink at Playhouse on the Square in Memphis in 2020. Right before this thing called COVID descended. It’s been on again off again since and I’ll admit I thought we might never get to tell this story. 

Well we’re telling it in 2023. We kick off rehearsals on February 20 and open on March 24. And I’ll tell you I’m excited. It’s a rich, complex story about Rupert Murdoch’s taking over of London’s the Sun newspaper in 1969/70. Since I got the word that we’re moving ahead it’s been an exciting rush so far as we pull the pre-production plans together and finalize casting. 

Back when I previously blogged regularly I kept diaries of shows I directed on the 2nd Act of Life on the Wicked Stage and the plan here is to renew that tradition. So we’ll see how that goes. 

Meanwhile, stay tuned. It should be quite a ride.